Monday, November 28, 2011

CyberMonday Deal Not To Miss!

I just saw a note from LiveScribe, makers of the Pulse and Echo Smartpens. For two days only, you can get the 8 GB smart pen which normally costs $179.95 for $99.95! Yep, that's a good $80 savings. It's for a limited time only though. You have to buy it today or tomorrow (Nov. 28-29). Apparently, as a bonus, LiveScribe is throwing in a free one-year subscription to Evernote Premium if you buy before Jan. 31, 2012. That is one heck of a deal!

If you've never used a Smartpen, they're pretty fantastic little devices. They have built-in digital audio recorders and a little camera that tracks the position of the pen on the paper. You can use this pen to take notes during classes, meetings, or anywhere where you need to "remember" key information and you typically take notes to help. Once that activity is over and you're going over your notes, you can start playback of the recording and listen to the activity.

Here's where it gets slick.

You can tap the notepad on the word, symbol, doodle, or whatever you were writing at that time in the recording, and the recording will jump to exactly that spot and start playback from there. It's a little difficult to describe it, so through the glory of YouTube, I bring you a video!

If you think this can help you or someone you kinda care about keep track of things, you may want to strike while the iron is hot! To find out more click here. Never used Evernote? Well, click here and watch a little video that will introduce you (keep your eyes open for another installment of the Assistive Technology Bargain Basement blog to see a round-up of Evernote and some similar tools).

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