Monday, October 24, 2011

Easy Grooming Bargain

I wrestled a little bit with this post. I did. When I first saw this bargain, I knew that it was a real gem, especially for the price. Then I started to type and I kept thinking, "Marvin, it's only nail clippers. What's the big deal?" So I guess that's what you could say about most every kind of AT, especially the bargain stuff. Yeah it may be something small, but it's something big to someone else because it helps them accomplish what they could not otherwise. So I guess I should fall back to the "old standard"-- It's the AT Bargain Basement, not the AT Bargain Judgement. 

So with that out of the way, let me tell you about the object of my musings. Here it is.

I know right? What's the big deal? Just nail clippers! Ok, so lighted nail clippers with a magnifying glass. That's the big deal if you have a visual impairment. These babies not only magnify where you're cutting but they also shine a little light on the subject, making it much easier to see. How much does it cost? That's the tricky part. After some looking, I've found these babies all over the place for a wide range of prices. I've seen them at K-Mart for around $10 and I've seen them online for about that or two for $10. However, when I walked into the Big Lots in New Castle just off of Basin Road, I saw them listen for $2! That's right! $2! Don't believe me? Well check out this little shot from my phone.
Yep, there you see it $2.00 right there! I'm not sure how many they have left, so if this looks like something you want, you'd better get down to Big Lots and get one.