Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Cordless Phone That Talks

I was sent this little gem by my friend Dan. It's actually quite a nice deal. It's a cordless phone. I know right? Cool!

Awesome. Just so awesome.

Ok, so maybe on the surface it doesn't seem too incredible, but it is. This phone has talking caller ID. Yes, you read correctly. Talking Caller ID! When you get a call on this phone, it will say "Call from. . . " and then say the number that is calling you. If you take the time and add people to the on-phone phone book, it will say their name. Yes, actually say their name! How cool is that? The base unit will talk, and if you have a handset with you, you can program it to talk and do the voice announce of the call. 

Now how much is it? Well, I found this baby on Amazon for $54.99, but you can also get it at Office Depot for about $67.95 or for about $57.94 including shipping and handling. Not a bad price considering what it can do. Oh yeah, there's also the digital answering machine it has which is also nice. 

Thanks to Dan for bringing us this great find!

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