Friday, February 11, 2011

What's this "Listen Now" button and where's the podcast?

You might have noticed the little "Listen Now" buttons at the top of each post. If you click that button, you can listen to an audio version of that post. Pretty cool huh? That audio version of the post is created by a service called Odiogo.

Now, I'd like to thank Dan Fendler, my fellow AT Technophile and web guru for introducing me to Odiogo. What Odiogo does is allow me to have audio versions of my blog so you can listen to it if you wish. It also allows me to have an audio podcast of this blog without having to actually record the thing. How cool is that? 

The service is free, and you can get to the site by clicking on this link Feel free to take it for a test drive by listening to the audio versions of The Basement. You can't use it to get audio versions of every blog you may read unless the blogger uses it. If they don't, why not recommend that they do? It can only enhance the accessibility of their blog to more readers/listeners. I highly recommend it!

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