Monday, February 14, 2011

Get up!

This bargain is a handy little one that can help you get out of bed. It’s the Standers 5000 Advantage Travel Bed Rail Advantage, and it’s a great low-cost way you can get help getting up and out of your bed.  It’s made of heavy-duty steel so it can take some use. It is only 23-inches high by 16.5-inches wide, so it’s a pretty low-profile device that won’t keep someone from rolling out of bed, but it is big enough to give you a handhold to get in and out of bed. It even has a two-pocket covering that can hold magazines and/or a TV remote.  It normally retails for about $70, but you can order it from for $46.10 with free shipping.  If you do need a full-sized bed rail, I would recommend consulting a therapist as this may be covered by your funding source, if applicable. You never know unless you ask!

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