Monday, January 24, 2011

What Time Is It?

This bargain is one of many I've found in the Dynamic Living catalog. It’s the Big LED Calendar Clock, and it’s a handy item. The display is easy to read with large red letters and numbers on a black background. The time displays with numbers 2.25-inches tall and the letters and numbers in the calendar display are 1.5-inches tall. The only improvement I would make would be to also make it talk, but at $99.00, it’s a nice bargain. 
Big LED Calendar Clock

If you need a larger number and don't mind not having the calendar available, they also have a nice clock with 4" numbers. The 4" Display Remote Control Alarm Clock gives you a great large display of the time. With 4" tall numbers, the clock works very well for people with various visual impairments. 
4" Display Remote Control Alarm Clock

Dynamic Living has a few other clocks that might make a difference for you. For more info, check out their clocks and watches at

Other places you can find large print clocks and watched include Maxi-Aids and Independent Living Aids

If you've got a hearing impairment and you need a clock that will alert you in a non-auditory fashion, these sites can help you too. Clocks for people with a hearing impairment usually have a visual or tactile alert system. What does that mean? Well, often, they'll flash a lamp connected to the clock. If it doesn't flash a lamp, it may vibrate a pillow shaker letting you know the alarm is going off. 

The venerable "old man" in this arena is the Sonic Boom alarm clock by Sonic Alert. The clock has been around for a while and has lots of users who swear by it. You can plug a lamp into the Sonic Boom and it will flash the lamp when the alarm goes off. If the lamp won't work for you, you can plug in a pillow shaker so it will vibrate under your pillow. The unit can be purchased with a pillow shaker, but the lamp is not included. You can find the Sonic Boom at for $59.95 (+ shipping & handling). You can also find it at Independent Living Aids too. There are also travel versions, pocket versions, and even vibrating watches! The key is to figure out just what you need and use that. And don't forget, in a pinch, you can always set your cell phone on vibrate, set an alarm (if it has an alarm function) and either sleep with it on you or put it under your pillow. You might want to make sure it's vibration is strong enough for you to feel it through the pillow. 

Whatever your need may be, be sure to research possible solutions as much as you can before making a final purchase.

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