Monday, January 17, 2011

Opening Jars Made Easy!

You may have seen the commercials for this nifty little gadget. Unlike other automatic jar openers that may be constrained to a particular jar size for operation.  Because this unit does not have a chamber into which the jar is placed, it is not limited by the size of the jar. To use it, all you do is place the One Touch on top of the jar you want to open, press the start button, and it opens the jar by itself. Now, you can buy the One Touch from the Maxi-Aids ( for $19.95 + shipping. I also found it listed on for $39.99 I was recently made aware that Happy Harrys has the One Touch so if you try there, you can get it same day. However, do note that not all stores share the same pricing and not all stores will have the same availability.  For the price, that’s a heck of a bargain!

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