Tuesday, December 17, 2013

ZipKings Reign Supreme!

You know what can be a really hard thing to do? Tying your shoes. 

Yeah, you read correctly. Tying your shoes can be really hard.

Now I know that might not seem like a big thing, but ask any little kid who's learning to tie her shoes. Better still, ask any adult who's having a tough time tying her shoes due to a disability. See, at least when you're a little kid, people are kinda OK with you not being able to tie your shoes. They're eager to help because "you're still learning." It's just how it goes. 

Photo of a child tying her shoes.

But if you're an older child, teen, or adult and you can't tie your shoes, people look at you funny. If you're elderly, people will also cut you some slack, but they also start to pity you.

Goodbye dignity.

Some people try to get around this with elastic shoe laces. 

Picture of a person stretching a shoe tied with elastic shoe laces, showing how the laces stretch.

Some people use Velcro.

Picture of a black man's shoe with velcro closures instead of shoe laces.

However, what do you do when you can't get the shoes you want with Velcro? What do you do when elastic laces just won't work for the shoes you have? What if you just don't want to get a completely different pair of shoes? 

Well, let me introduce you to ZipKings.

Photo of shoes with Zip Kings zippers laced into the shoes. The zip kings fit over where the laces usually are on a shoe.

ZipKings are great because you can use them with your own shoes. They're pretty simple too. Just lace them up into your shoes, and you're ready to rock and roll! When you need to put your shoes on or take them off, simply unzip the zipper.

Photo of a bunch of different shoes of different sizes secured with Zip Kings.

If the pull on the zipper is too hard for you to grab, you can always loop a little bit of fishing line through the hole in it to make a loop that's easier to hook a finger through while being somewhat "invisible" to the naked eye. Just don't use a crazy colored fishing line.

Now while these might not work for dress shoes, they are great for your tennis shoes/sneakers/kicks de choix. 

For more information on ZipKings, head on over to their website www.zipkings.com.

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