Monday, September 12, 2011

Such a good bargain!

Looky at what I found!

Know what it is? 

Maybe this will help. No? OK one more. . . 

It's the 350T Analog TENs unit from ReliaMed. I saw two of these babies brand-spankin' new at the Goodwill Medical Equipment shop in Wilmington. While I don't have a price to report, Jason Burns, the shop's manager said that he was looking at pricing the units somewhere between $30 and $40. If you've got chronic back pain, knee pain, or chronic localized muscle pain, you probably know exactly what these babies can do. If you don't, check out this video:

What Is a TENS Unit? -- powered by ehow

There were only two of them so if you're interested, give Jason a call or stop on in the Goodwill Medical Equipment store and see if you can still pick one up. They have a lot of great deals there so if you're looking for a hospital bed, wheelchair, cane, walker, lost ark of the covenant, TENs unit, oxygen concentrator, Maltese Falcon, or peak-flow meter, stop on in and see what they've got. 

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