Sunday, May 22, 2011

Loud and Clear

I was working with someone this past week who needed a voice amplification system for a telephone. The problem was not the typical issue of not being able to hear the caller. Instead, the problem was that the person needing the amplification system had a very soft voice. The temporary solution we came up with involved using the telephone on speaker phone and the individual using a personal voice amplification system. The system used was the Reizen Speak N Hear. The unit is pretty nice. It's fairly comparable to the more expensive Chatter Vox system at a fraction of the cost. To use the Speak N Hear, simply use the microphone headset that comes with the unit or a microphone of your choosing and adjust the volume to meet your needs. The unit can get pretty loud, so you should exercise some caution when turning up the volume. Also, you can experience considerable feedback if you're not careful. Just remember to keep the speaker as far as possible from the microphone. 

The really great thing about this bargain is that it's a super bargain. I have one of these in the office, and we paid about $100 for it. Now, you can buy it from Maxi Aids for all of $24.95 + shipping and handling! That's a big difference in price. I'm pretty sure the shipping won't be and additional $24.95, so that's a nice big price drop. So if voice amplification is something you're looking into, the Reizen Speak N Hear is a great bargain to check out.
Reizen Speak N Hear voice amplification system

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