Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Welcome to the AT Bargain Basement

Hello, True Believers, and welcome to the AT Bargain Basement's new blog home. This blog is born out of my column in the Delaware Assistive Technology Initiative's newsletter The AT Messenger, "The AT Bargain Basement." In the column, I try to find all of the assistive technology I can for under $100. Some of the stuff you can buy in traditional stores. Some of it you can only get by mail order or internet order. If I can try the products out first, I will, but just because I mention them doesn't mean I'm endorsing them. Not at all! If I endorse something as a great product, I will say so. You are also very welcome to submit your own AT Bargains, and I'll post them up for everyone to check out while giving you 1000% (yes one thousand percent!) credit for the find.

So whaddya say? Shall we take this journey through AT Bargains together?

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